2019-04-05 23:18:09

We are sexed beings since we were born until we die and that’s why we wanted to be part of this trip with you through Secretummm.

Secretummm, was born from the journey of a person who evolved in their path both ways, even personally and sexually. Looking for the best way to satisfy his desires.

That is why sex toys and accesories have marked a before and after throughout his sex life, enriching it and expanding his own limits. From a massage oil, to a mask or ropes, sex toys have been part of his varied tastes and that is why he wanted to give them the prominance they deserve. Having them within reach and in a good hygienic conditions have always been two fundamental needs to complete his sexual games.

We currently live in a society where haste sets the pace of life for most people. We are full of obligations and on many occasions we operate on autopilot leaving little room for creativity, communication and imagination.

That is why time plays a vital role on our day-to-day lives, so when you have to think where to put it. Secretummm wants to remind you how important sex is in people’s lives.

No matter your gender, your sexual orientation, the practices you like or the type of relationship you have. Sexuality it’s in a constant evolution and can accommodate many changes throughout life that allow us to develop different tastes and pleasures.


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